Transkriptionen Gisela Fleischmann Readings of old German handwriting Ulrichshusen

Tauben Fricaße Rezeptbüchlein, um 1900

Tauben Fricaße Recipies from a bourgeois household, c. 1900
Ludwig Bösendorfer an Martha Remmert
Ludwig Bösendorfer to Martha Remmert, February 15, 1905;
GSA 59/465,11 · Photocopy and copyright: Klassik Stiftung Weimar
Franz Vogt an seine Familie in Gesmold
Franz Vogt to his family in Gesmold, near Osnabrück
(Lower Saxony), January 4, 1915
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read what you see. Explore the different stages for
the specimen on top, “Pigeon Frikassee“:

  • Following the original in all details of spelling
    and line breaks
  • Avoiding obvious mistakes, and without regard
    of line breaks
  • In common speech and modern spelling
    (‘Neue Rechtschreibung’)